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Organization Design is much more than simply your structure or your organization chart.  It is the process of aligning your organization’s structure with its mission. (See illustration below.)  This means looking at the complex relationships between tasks, workflow, responsibility and authority – and making sure these all support the objectives of the business.

Organizational Design Model

As illustrated, there is a direct link (or at least there should be) from operations and business plans all the way to your corporate strategy, mission and vision.

When change takes place; the functions, roles, responsibilities and skills of jobs and positions change. This automatically impacts the entire HR discipline (HR planning, recruitment, resourcing, training and learning, performance management, classification, employee relations, and compensation) and must be fully supported by an effective HR strategy and HR service delivery model.

As you can see by the above diagram our process focuses on two key elements of organizational design:

  1. Defining Organizational Functions
  2. Our process has seven important steps in defining and implementing the appropriate organizational model in your organization.  We start with reviewing your Vision, Mission and Corporate Strategy.  Next we review your current structure and overall organizational model.  Then we drill down at departmental levels to understand how your individual departments function.  This becomes the basis for our analyis and recommendations.
  3. Maximizing Organizational Personnel Performance
  4. Starting with reviewing your HR strategy, we evaluation the specific skills needed to make your organization successful.  Next we help you define the optimal HR Service Delivery Model.  From this baseline, we help you develop the appropriate HR policies and procedures and your methods for attracting, retainin and motivation your employees.