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Will HR Outsourcing Work For You?

Effective management of the Human Resources function is critically important to the health of every organization. CEOs in small organizations often complain that ‘people issues’ are their number one priority. Unfortunately, due to competing demands and staff shortages, HR is often ignored or under-resourced. Which leads many companies to implement HR Outsourcing.

What is HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing (HRO) is a tool used to manage the human resources in small organizations. Instead of having internal staff perform HR activities and functions, HRO delegates HR to an outside service provider.

McConnell HR Consulting performs the HR tasks on a part-time (e.g. 1-2 days a week) contract basis, while the organization retains responsibility over these tasks. This arrangement allows internal staff to spend more time and energy on tasks that utilize their primary competencies in order to better manage the organization.

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McConnell HRC HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing Should be Used When

  • Senior management finds that they have neither the time nor expertise to deal with HR activities such as staffing, policies and procedures, compensation, training and development, retention, and employee relations.
  • High quality HR services are required for properly managing internal human capital.

What can HR Outsourcing do for you?

A more efficient, effective and cost reducing approach to HR.

Your organization can benefit from costs savings as a result of HRO, since the HR work is of a higher quality and timelier than if completed internally. We can assist by replacing staff in HR competencies they do not excel in and can provide superior knowledge, innovation, an outside viewpoint, and legal compliance.

Our Approach to HR Outsourcing 

McConnell HRC can help in the transition of using an external service provider by providing early and effective communication to all employees and stakeholders. This step will discuss the reasons for the change, the role of the HR service provider, and the importance of the employees’ and stakeholders’ cooperation.

We generally conduct an initial HR Diagnostic study to assess the current state, gaps, and recommendations for the HR program within the organization. This will help us focus on immediate priorities and address areas of greatest need. We then maintain positive relations through regular interactions with staff, management and the department head.

MHRC is highly confidential. We can effectively tailor and apply HR best practices to various sectors and organizational needs. We ensure a smooth process and develop solid HR programs and procedures so when the HR Outsourcing contract expires very little internal knowledge or capability is lost.

Our experience and professionalism makes us a beneficial addition to any organization as long as HR Outsourcing is a good fit, planned for, and implemented properly.

Overall, we ensure that the HR Outsourcing tool is simple, accessible and affordable.

McConnell HRC HR Outsourcing

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