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What is Pay Equity?

Are you paying your employees properly?

Introduced in 1987, the Ontario Pay Equity Act aims to rectify wage disparities among employees in predominantly female-held positions.
The Act covers all employers in Ontario except for private sector employers with fewer than ten employees.

The gender wage gap, demonstrating the difference in earnings between men and women, persists despite attempts to reduce it.
On average, women continue to earn less than men. This is influenced by factors such as variations in education levels, work experience, hours worked, unionization, family obligations, and systemic discrimination.

The Pay Equity Act presents an opportunity for organizations to enhance their value through a comprehensive examination of their overall compensation package.
Failure to comply can result in consequences such as fines, interest, and potential legal actions.
Adhering to this statute is mandatory for relevant organizations and is an essential element of their human resource strategy.

McConnell HR Consulting regularly supports organizations in meeting their initial compliance and maintenance obligations under the Ontario Pay Equity Act.
Our experienced consultants offer tailored solutions to navigate the complexities of this legislation, ensuring accurate evaluations and timely updates.
From conducting thorough analyses to providing strategic guidance, we empower organizations to uphold pay equity principles effectively.

Trust McConnell HR Consulting to safeguard your compliance and maximize the value of your compensation practices.

McConnell HRC Compensation Management

We provide a variety of Pay Equity Services, including:


Pay Equity

  • Job Classes
  • Job Class Gender
  • Job Rate
  • Job Evaluation
  • Salary Gap Analysis (Job-to-Job or Proportional method)
  • Pay Equity Audit Resolution
  • Pay Equity complaints
McConnell HRC Compensation Management Services

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