Industry Agnosticism

by | Apr 16, 2019

It’s amazing how many people are stuck in their grooves. To the point where “stay in your lane” is a common saying.

“Who are you?”. People ask us this question all the time. We walked into an automotive supply corporation the other day and the President asked: “who are you?”. Before we could answer the question, he said “you’re not car guys”, “name me three other car companies you have worked with in the past”. I said “none”.

He replied, “we need people who understand the unique intricacies of this business”. We get the same comments from utilities, industry, hospitals, banks – you name it. I said, “No you don’t. We are industry agnostic. If you want the same mindset and blinders that got you into trouble in the first place, then sure, hire the other car guys. But if you want a fresh, creative ‘outside of the box’ way of thinking, new ideas, and a positive approach to organizational change, then hire an industry agnostic”.

Industry agnosticism is a strength. It means the advisor can walk into any organization or company without pre-conceived notions, quickly learn your business, and apply fresh creative thinking to every organizational challenge.