McConnell HRC’s Consulting Work Environment

by | Nov 26, 2020

I was asked the other day to describe McConnell HRC’s consulting work environment.

  • We run a pure 24/7/365 operation.
  • Our personal and work lives resemble the intertwined ribbons of the DNA helix depicted on the cover of my book.
  • With a strong emphasis on the former, while still being highly productive.
  • We manage over 60 projects a year. Client requests are unpredictable, complex and often with tight deadlines.
  • We exist in a blend of multiple locations, zero gravity and nomadism.

In the spring and fall, we rotate between our FBO (Fixed Base Operator) HQ in Ottawa (flying in and out) and our home offices (with the support of our furry four-legged co-workers.)

  • We summer on the water – at cottages on the lakes and rivers.
  • We winter in the sand (less in 2020) – with temporary Forward Operating Bases in Florida, TCI and the Cayman Islands.