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Do you have the right HR programs in place?

It is important to understand that all of the functions of Human Resources are interrelated. There is no point in hiring staff if they turn around and leave in a year. There is no point in keeping staff if they are not productive and working towards your business objectives and they won’t be doing that if they’re not happy and motivated.

The following framework illustrates the various elements of an HR Strategy.

You do this through an integrated HR Strategy

McConnell HR Strategy model

Things to consider if conducting an assessment of your HR Strategy


McConnell HRC HR Strategy

  • Are your Human Resources Planning activities and documented HR Strategy fully aligned and current with your Strategic Plan?
  • Are effective HR planning systems and practices used to ensure that the quantity and quality of people are available when needed?  Are you effectively planning for vacancies, retirements and resignations?
  • Are programs and practices for the recruitment, selection and placement of staff aligned with business needs?  Are you attracting talent that has the knowledge and skills to support your Strategic Plan?
  • Are programs and practices for employee retention and the management of turnover, attrition and absenteeism in place?
  • Are Learning, Training and Development programs and practices aligned with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives?
  • Do Performance Management programs and practices ensure that individual performance is linked to corporate objectives?
  • Are Employee Engagement programs in place to provide a supportive culture and work environment, respect for the individual, and effective employee communications – enabling employees to provide client-focused delivery?
  • Is your HR Strategy documented with a clear framework and action plan?  Is it supported by the leadership? Is it able to be implemented effectively?  Does HR have the appropriate resources and talent to be able to support the achievement of stated priorities and strategies?
  • To what extent is your HR Strategy constrained by financial resources, technological resources, and dependencies / interconnectivities with other departments across the company?  Have these risks been effectively analyzed and are the action plans structured to mitigate such risks?

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